PunchTab is a software-as-a-service platform empowering retail and CPG brands to engage consumers and gain actionable insights.


Engage today’s consumer on any channel with dynamic experiences.


Understand consumers with complete, real-time, and actionable insights.


Win consumers, build loyalty, and increase purchase frequency and spend.

CPG Brands

Stop relying on anonymized, aggregate, or retail-owned data to make brand decisions. Directly connect to today’s consumer with unified, engaging experiences across any channel.

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Retail Brands

Eliminate the digital advantage of major online retailers by capturing and understanding consumer data from every touch point- web, mobile, social and POS.

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Make better Marketing decisions… Based on data


Arby’s saw a 24% increase in check size


ConAgra saw a 65% increase in site visits


Duck Tape saw a 40% increase in referrals


PunchTab Pulse

    The Path to Millennials: Fashion & Accessories Edition

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    Loyalty Programs & Millennial Moms: The Untapped Opportunity

    The Millennial Mom is a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. population. These moms have a number of social accounts and spend a significant amount of time each week using them.

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    PunchTab Consumer Research: Back-to-School Shopping & Decision-Making Moms

    As summer vacation comes to an end and moms begin to dish out the dollars for back-to-school shopping, brands and retailers have a significant opportunity to influence purchase decisions and learn from consumer behavior.

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    Incentivized Engagement: A How-To Guide For Marketers

    Incentive marketing has been proven to tap into the emotional needs and wants of customers to entice them to take actions that help you drive awareness.

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    How to Overcome Mobile Tracking Privacy Concerns .

    Just when marketers thought they had discovered the Holy Grail of insight and engagement strategies, consumers have thrown them for a loop.

    According to a new PunchTab report, consumers are not as open to mobile tracking as marketers and brands may have thought (and certainly hoped).

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    Loyalty and Data- The Perfect Pairing for PURELL

    There are many factors to consider when working to increase brand awareness and break through to the right demographic - nowadays more than ever. A one-size-fits-all approach is not likely to work, and for obvious reasons...

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