A little insight into PunchTab

PunchTab provides the only platform that offers both immediately customizable, multi-channel programs and out-of-the-box solutions.

Founded in January 2011, PunchTab is a multi-channel loyalty and engagement platform that enables agencies, brands and enterprise organizations to incentivize user behavior and drive business success. PunchTab’s customers use the company’s flexible solutions to deepen audience engagement and build awareness by leveraging everything from social sharing and UGC and awareness campaigns to sophisticated B2E and B2B programs. PunchTab offers both an out-of-the-box product and a fully customizable, white-labeled solutions that can reward any action with virtual, social and real-world rewards.

Based in Silicon Valley and led by YouSendIt founders Ranjith Kumaran and early YouSendIt engineer Mehdi Ait Oufkir, PunchTab is funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures, The Social+Capital Partnership, CrunchFund, Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman.




Total Funding


Active Programs

3 Billion

Points Earned

Meet the PunchTab Team

  • Ranjith Kumaran


    Ranjith previously co-founded YouSendIt.com where he led products, raised money and acquired a couple of companies. He plans to do more of the same at PunchTab.

    Ranjith can be reached at ranjith@punchtab.com

  • Mehdi Ait Oufkir


    Mehdi was an early member of the team that scaled YouSendIt.com to 18 million registered users. He went on to found JellyDo.com and now runs product development at PunchTab.

    Mehdi can be reached at mehdi@punchtab.com

  • Ben Oertel

    Cookie Monster

    Young Benjamin is a French developer who only works for giant cookies and coffee. He is constantly experimenting with new web technologies and frameworks. Constantly.

    Ben can be reached at ben@punchtab.com

  • Arthur Rio


    True or False: Arthur has mastered the arts of developing for Facebook (among other platforms), measuring the results of every feature he builds, and rink hockey.

    Arthur can be reached at arthur@punchtab.com

  • Raj Lenin


    Raj brings more than 17 years of experience in domains as varied as SaaS, Virtualization and Enterprise Software to the team. The first thing we've asked him to work on is a really cute widget (UPDATE: well it looks like he wrapped that one up pretty quickly...).

    Raj can be reached at raj@punchtab.com

  • Robyn Hannah


    A communications and PR executive, Robyn heads up PR, brand marketing, social, and anything else requiring words. When not crafting messaging or blogs posts, she plays text message Cyrano for friends in need.

    Robyn is maniacal about the San Francisco Giants, 80’s rock, and is morally opposed to dressing down. She can be found at cocktail parties, relaying Bleacher Report news and quoting Jim Rome sound bites.

    Robyn can be reached at robyn@punchtab.com

  • Chris Basey


    During his design career Chris has worked at companies like Six Apart, venture funds like fbFund, and with Hollywood celebrities. Before joining PunchTab he co-founded a couple of companies and his own design firm, Co:Media Design, where he found his true calling: invoicing.

    Chris can be reached at chris@punchtab.com

  • Ben Nichols


    While many claim to be tech rockstars, Ben is an actual tech rockstar (singer for the wedding band The Real Unoriginals). He just hangs out at PunchTab in between gigs. Prior to joining he did mobile development and ran mobile development teams for 8 years. Ben also co-founded a games company, Metanima, where his focus was on mobile. Ready to guess what he does at PunchTab? (He sings of course!)

    Ben can be reached at bgn@punchtab.com

  • Angela Sanfilippo


    Angela is a marketing and communications executive with a passion for digital marketing. Obsessive about data and analytics, she’s never met a spreadsheet she didn't like. When she’s not measuring metrics or chatting about conversion strategies, Angela serves as PunchTab’s resident Superwoman where she users her powers to drive successful brand engagement for PunchTab clients.

    She’s got a weakness for dogs and trying to be in 2 places at once.

    Angela can be reached at angela@punchtab.com

  • Ahsan Malik


    Ahsan heads up our business functions including finance, legal, HR, partnerships, and (most importantly) our March Madness pool. He dreams of spreadsheets, board decks, and NDAs- and is only mildly perturbed by this. Ahsan spent time in venture capital and investment banking and even has an MBA. Despite all that, we still love him.

    In his spare time, Ahsan is likely obsessing over injury reports and schedules of Bay Area sports teams or working on his +36.4 golf handicap.

    Ahsan can be reached at ahsan@punchtab.com

  • François Gaudin


    Developer and architect Francois Gaudin "Hood", comes to PunchTab from a fancy French engineering school where he learned to be Master of Puppets and of the Coding Universe, and a guitar hero as well. He writes a Python Developer blog, likes sushi and refuses to shave his beard. When he is not coding he can usually be found listening to his favorite Metal bands like Opeth or The Ocean.

    François can be reached at francois@punchtab.com

  • Azam Malik


    Azam designs things at PunchTab. He has fancy pencils and erasers that help him sketch out client-thrilling mockups.

    When he’s not busy trying to make clients happy, he enjoys laughing at people, roaming the Bay Area, breakfast foods, and coffee. When his multi-tasking game is tight, he enjoys those things in his non-free time, too.

    He also respects a well-constructed sandwich.

    Azam can be reached at azam@punchtab.com

  • Halit Berisha


    As a pioneer member of the PunchTab East Coast sales team, Halit calls the Big Apple home. And while we never see him in the office, we often hear his voice on speakerphone and Skype, helping customers find the solutions.

    Halit calls soccer, football, and he love to play it. For now he settles for watching matches but he’s got big plans to be in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

    Halit can be reached at halit@punchtab.com

  • Kenneth Yang


    For the last 20 years, Ken/Kenny/Kenneth has been working in tech, accumulating miles, platinum status, and mini soaps.

    Ken project manages, lawyers, assembles Ikea furniture and plays stand-in office dad. He does a whole lot of other stuff that we can’t quite explain. But we know this: Stuff gets done.

    Ken can be reached at ken@punchtab.com

  • Yang Shu


    PunchTab developer, Yang, has his passion for learning, coding, and singing. (Ask, he'll sing for you.) He works on client projects with relentless energy and laughs easier than anyone else in the office. When he's not at his desk, Yang is a huge fan of all things zombi and Taiwanese rock band, Mayday. He never misses a PunchTab team happy hour and we're pretty sure he should be tested for Mensa.

    One day Yang will go on a month-long road trip that may or may not include a portable DVD player and the entire catalog of Natalie Portman movies.

    Yang can be reached at yangs@punchtab.com

  • Lisa Callanan


    After years in ad agencies and TV and radio sales, Lisa joined us to share PunchTab with the Midwest. She now braves Chicago winters to deliver marketing dreams-come-true for clients. She’s also a champion cab hailer.

    Super Mom and huge Chicago Sports Fan, Lisa loves hanging out with her husband and kids. Don’t be fooled by her friendly disposition- Lisa is a competitor. She somehow finds time to play sports and coach volleyball.

    Lisa can be reached at lisa@punchtab.com

  • Sarah Hill


    Often referred to as the nicest person EVER, Sarah wrangles spreadsheets and timelines to get projects out the door in tip-top shape. She also serves as the much-needed PunchTab den mother.

    When not in front of a computer, she can be found engaged in the futile pursuit of trying to grow vegetables in the foggiest part of San Francisco.

    Sarah can be reached at sarah@punchtab.com

  • Erin Lish


    Uber-creative Erin loves all things design and has a passion for making the world more aesthetically pleasing. At PunchTab she creates gush-worthy infographics, pretty white-papers and makes these really good peanut butter, chocolate pretzel things.

    Before joining PunchTab Erin did freelance design, specializing in stationery and illustration. She makes wedding invites that are so beautiful, you’ll want to get married twice.

    Erin can be reached at erin@punchtab.com

  • Alicia Molnar


    We cannot express how totally enthusiastic, positive, and excited Alicia is about EVERYTHING. Holding down the fort in New York, Alicia is a 15 year sales veteran, serving as PunchTab's cheerleader- and never has a title been more appropriate. With unstoppable energy, Alicia advocates for client needs, thinking outside-the-box to develop winning programs for her customers.

    Alicia has also been known to bring snacks from Melissa's Cupcakes or Crumbs to demos- which is pretty much reason alone to schedule a meeting.

    Alicia can be reached at alicia@punchtab.com

  • Jessica Banagis


    Intern turned inside sales, Ohio transplant Jes is has been moving up the PunchTab food chain while she balances grad school (Industrial Organized Psychology... whuuuut?!) and learning to navigate Bay Area traffic. She's got a solid background in retail sales but misses nothing about the mall... other than the easy access to Ben and Jerry's.

    Jes is highly organized, super kind, and sometimes dresses like Marty McFly.

    Jessica can be reached at jessica@punchtab.com

  • Scott Hughes


    Sports car driver turned Prius owner, Scott serves as PunchTab's Ambassador, offering hope to brands across the world.

    Scott joins PunchTab with an impressive LinkedIn page, a penchant for creating entertaining Power Point presentations, and a passion for building awesome un-salesy, sales teams. (You know what we're talking about.)

    When Scott is not helping customers find the perfect solution, he's hanging with his wife, his girls, and his boys. (The boys are dogs.)

    Scott can be reached at scott@punchtab.com

  • Shannon Hanel


    Santa Clara University Alumni and California lifer, Shannon has been an enterprise sales professional since Netscape, (don’t do the math), and now heads up West Coast sales for PunchTab.

    An avid runner, Shannon stays super busy between work, outdoor activities, and shuttling kids between practices. In addition to her two sports obsessed boys, Shannon and her husband house a minor league baseball player and a naughty puppy named Jake.

    In high school, this former rah-rah girl abandoned her turtleneck cheer sweater to be rally commissioner because she thought it was cooler.

    Shannon can be reached at shannon@punchtab.com

  • Elena Deguzman


    With over a decade of SaaS sales experience, San Jose native, Elena, joined PunchTab to take on the Inside Sales Organization and Mid-Market Sales.

    This foodie and suburban warrior now calls the East Bay home, but heads to Napa Valley often to indulge in great food and awesome wine from some of her favorites in Yountville.

    Elena is also the proud mom of 2 very talented kids. Her singer/songwriter daughter is only 8, but we’re pretty sure you’ll know her name one day.

    And just so you know, Elena can dance.

    Elena can be reached at elena@punchtab.com

  • Sonya Balzer


    Sonya is an eclectic movie fan who can quote Training Day, Princess Bride and most Tarintno with intimidating accuracy. When she’s not reveling the PunchTab office with obscure, late 90’s movie references, Sonya heads up Demand Generation.

    A seasoned cat herder, Sonya thrives in organized chaos making PunchTab the perfect place for her talents. She’s also a part-time vegetarian, pen connoisseur, and vintage post card collector who can whip up a museum-worth vision board that will leave you inspired. True story.

    Sonya can be reached at sonya@punchtab.com

  • Willy Zhang


    Willy is a PunchTab developer with a handful of degrees from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a LinkedIn profile with a list of skills you might need to google.

    Born on Valentine’s Day (depending on your time zone), he has wrangled data, written code, and can talk about language design all. day. long. A (sometimes) gamer, Willy debates whether video games will become the pinnacle of human expression, or if we’ve just collectively wasted 500 billion hours moving fake dudes around a screen.

    This private guy and would have prefered a bio that just said “LOL” in a fixed-width font.

    Willy can be reached at willy@punchtab.com

  • Scott Cooper


    A product of Silicon Valley, Scott built his fist computer at the age of 11. So it’s no surprise he joined PunchTab only 3 days after wrapping up his CIS degree. This smarty-pants was accepted at colleges he didn’t even apply to- so we’re feeling pretty good about scoring him as a front-end developer.

    Scott has a rad shirt collection and a framed picture of his cat Pookie on his desk. Pookie claims to be “Bad to the Bone”… but much like Scott, he sunburns easily.

    Scott can be reached at cooper@punchtab.com

  • Brandon Humpert


    Brandon loves math. And Beer. (Stouts) But mostly math. And he’s really darn good at it. With a PhD in Mathematics (see, LOVES it.), Brandon is PunchTab’s leading data scientist. (A SCIENTIST!)

    You can bring Brandon to Vegas, but he’s already worked out the probability for beating the house and your odds still aren’t that great even when you’re counting cards. (Which he doesn’t.) So instead he plays board games. And even though he could be Good Will Hunting, Brandon is just a down-to-earth, Midwest guy.

    Brandon can be reached at brandon@punchtab.com

  • Drew Barnes


    New college grad and Ohio lifer, Drew moved to Silicon Valley to make his mark as a front-end developer for PunchTab.

    Even though Drew was raised on a strict diet of tennis, he defected from his family legacy to play squash at Denison University where he was captain of his team. When he’s not coding or dodging rackets to the dome, Drew can be found playing one of his 6 guitars or trying to out DJ his sister on their epic joint Spotify playlist.

    Drew can be reached at drew@punchtab.com

  • Troy Green


    A big fan of technology, innovation, and numbers, Troy pours over screens that look like the Matrix as PunchTab’s data analyst.

    Troy is a Texas native who’s always up for a good adventure. Armed with 8 years of experience and an econ degree from Texas A&M (Go Aggies!), this minimalist left his Southwest life, car, and all but 4 outfits behind to head west and explore the greater Bay Area- by foot. Troy fell in love with the world of tech and now calls Silicon Valley home.

    Troy can be reached at troy@punchtab.com

  • Deepa Sankar


    Deepa is a product marketing veteran who comes to PunchTab with some big name companies under her belt. Moving from India to Chicago to the Bay, Deepa now lives a convenient 15 minutes from the PunchTab office. (Which is good because we can’t get enough of her!)

    Don’t let her size fool you, Deepa can pack a punch with her Kenpo training, and when she’s not doing that, she’s hanging with her family or practicing her Kathak dance moves.

    Deepa can be reached at deepa@punchtab.com

  • Chad Lange


    Midwest transplant Chad left his heart in San Francisco, so after a brief departure he and his cat, Duster, have returned. And he’s sworn to never again face a Mid West winter.

    Between yoga and writing the great American Novel (Oh, don’t worry, you’ll see it soon), Chad is an organizing machine for PunchTab, where he’s serving as Junior Project Manager for Client Services. (Lucky Clients!)

    Chad can be reached at chad@punchtab.com

  • Tina Zeidan


    Tina is PunchTab’s office manager extraordinaire. Born and raised in the Bay Area, this Aztec alum recently returned home from San Diego State University and she’s “ready to take on the real world.”

    Keeping people organized, managing inventory, and running a tight ship is nothing new to this business pro. Tina grew up in her family’s Cow Hollow market learning the art of customer service among her many other talents. Her local business claim to fame is the addition of a successful frozen yogurt businesses- making the Lululemon-clad ladies of SF very happy!

    Tina can be reached at tina@punchtab.com

  • Andy Jung


    Andy can be reached at andy@punchtab.com

  • Michael Ting


    Michael can be reached at michael@punchtab.com

  • Whitney Hansen


    Whitney can be reached at whitney@punchtab.com

  • Le Wolf


    Le Wolf cannot be reached. Le Wolf will reach you. And when he does, don’t call him a dog.