Giveaways get you more!

Start building instant loyalty for your blog, site, or application!

PunchTab Giveaways

Increase your reach

Collect user emails for future marketing efforts while you double down on Twitter followers and supercharge your Facebook fans.

Setup is a breeze

Plug in your info, drop a snippet of code in your site, and your giveaway is ready to go.

Choose how they share

Choose up to 9 actions users can take on different channels to enter your giveaway and boost social sharing.

Get more subscribers

By rewarding users for sharing, they do the marketing for you.

How do Giveaways work?

You've got a killer blog or website. But just think of all the people out there who don't know about it yet.

We want to fix that!

What to expect

If you're a blogger, brand or business wanting to create some instant awareness for your site, social channels or new products, use PunchTab Giveaways!

Giveaways allow you to build an explosive following in a short period of time by offering a prize in exchange for user actions.

Set up your giveaway and choose up to 9 different ways users can enter to win your prize. Actions you can reward for entries include sharing the giveaway with friends, tweeting, liking, watching a video, answering a question, visiting your website, and more.

Critical mass is a few clicks away...

Grab your code

If you've got a great prize and a few minutes you can supercharge your giveaway with PunchTab. Once you've signed up for your free PunchTab account, we'll walk you through the setup of your soon to be giveaway.

You'll just enter some info- and there's no crib sheet needed here. You just need to know what actions you want your users to take as a means of entering your giveaway, give that sucker a name, type in the killer prize and you're just about done.

After you've plugged in your information, we'll generate a little snippet of Javascript code. Copy and paste that into your site and you've got a ready made viral giveaway!

Choose your platform

You're a blogger or business owner and you don't have time to learn how to be a website coding super star. So we've made it extra easy to install a PunchTab Giveaway on your site. NO experience necessary!

PunchTab's flexible Giveaways can be added to any website, blog or Facebook page in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

But if you ARE a geeked-out developer or just want a super special white labeled campaign, learn more about GROW for small businesses and EXPAND for big brands and agencies.

Leverage the new following

Your users just rack up entries with every action they take. And when you offer daily earning opportunities they keep coming back for more... and sharing with more friends and colleagues.

You can choose from 9 actions you want users to take. From the basics like Tweeting, liking your brand on Facebook, commenting and Google Plus one-ing, to answering a question of your choice or letting you know valuable demographic information, they can keep increasing their chances of winning your grand prize while you get to know your current users and a whole lot of new ones.

Need a super explosive campaign?

We've got the formula...

+30 actions for a new influx of fans

Incentivize email address collection or get additional demographic info, reward users for watching videos or uploading to Instagram.

No Branding

White label your campaign and create custom earning options with a totally customized experience. Upgrade to PunchTab EXPAND.

No Branding

Add an influx of energy to an existing loyalty program or run a giveaways to kickoff a brand new program.

Custom campaigns for brands

Get a customized white label solution, full analytics and strategically implemented actions tailored to your B2C, B2B and B2E needs.

Ready to get started?

We've done the experimenting and we know what works.

Get started today!

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