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PunchTab is world’s first instant loyalty rewards program for blogs, brands and businesses.

With PunchTab you reward your users with points when they show up, share, or shop on your website or blog, in your store or on Facebook and Twitter.

You’ve got great content... What else?

Through the PunchTab platform, consumers earn loyalty points for visiting your site, commenting on your blog, engaging on various social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter, and more. When they earn enough points, they redeem them for discounts and prizes in a your customized catalog.

It takes just a couple minutes to reward-enable your page. Just enter your basic info. We’ll generate some code that you drop into your site, blog or Facebook page. We’ve got plug-ins for Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla, TypePad, and Disqus.

Your users can sign up with an email address or login using Facebook. They’ll instantly begin earning points wherever you’ve added PunchTab. You can even power a Facebook giveaway with PunchTab. Get more likes and more shares.

You get more exposure and your users get great stuff.

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