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PunchTab is a software-as-a-service platform empowering retail and CPG brands to engage consumers and gain actionable insights.


Engage today’s consumer on any channel with dynamic experiences.


Understand consumers with complete, real-time, and actionable insights.


Win consumers, build loyalty, and increase purchase frequency and spend.

CPG Brands

Stop relying on anonymized, aggregate, or retail-owned data to make brand decisions. Directly connect to today’s consumer with unified, engaging experiences across any channel.

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Retail Brands

Eliminate the digital advantage of major online retailers by capturing and understanding consumer data from every touch point- web, mobile, social and POS.

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Make better Marketing decisions… Based on data


Arby’s saw a 24% increase in check size


ConAgra saw a 65% increase in site visits


Duck Tape saw a 40% increase in referrals

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PunchTab Pulse

    The Path to Millennials: Fashion & Accessories Edition

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    Mobile Payments: Consumer Insights & Recommendations

    The latest from the PunchTab Consumer Research Series (#PTCRS) outlines for marketers the consumer expectations and perceptions when it comes to making mobile payments in-store, and highlights where brands and retailers have the biggest opportunities to connect with their customers.

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    2014 Holiday Shopping: Consumer Insights & Recommendations

    PunchTab conducted U.S. consumer research to reveal the expected 2014 holiday buying behaviors of Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial audiences and how they plan to use emerging technologies and new channels.

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    Incentivized Engagement: A How-To Guide For Marketers

    Incentive marketing has been proven to tap into the emotional needs and wants of customers to entice them to take actions that help you drive awareness.

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    Millennials Don't Like It When You Try Too Hard

    Marketers are starting to look deeper at Millennials, and as they do they are recognizing their rush to judgment. Suddenly Millennials are the next big thing, socially savvy and fashion forward, caring and charitable, ripe for the picking. But what do Millennials value most?…

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    Grab Holiday Shoppers by Knowing When & Where They Spend

    Over 90% of shoppers from Millennials to Baby Boomers will do at least half their shopping online this holiday season. Amazon, Target, and Walmart are set to see the most online shopping, but 58% of shoppers remain undecided, or plan to spend less at stores they bought from last year...

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